Winter is Coming

Remember the HBO series Game of Thrones? Several skin conditions worsen with the onset of winter – to name a few, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, xerosis, seborrheic dermatitis, and hand eczema. Taking action to prevent these conditions and promptly treat them when they occur is essential in controlling these diseases.The providers at Metro Dermatology are well trained and knowledgeable in treating these conditions. We provide various state-of-the-art treatments, including biologics and safer remedies such as narrow-band UVB phototherapy and excimer laser therapyin all of our offices.

Portrait of a happy woman applying lip balm in winter with a snowy mountain in the background. Happy woman applying lip balm outdoors in winter in the snowy mountain

Best time for cosmetic procedures

Winter is the best time to treat cosmetic issues in sun-exposed areas. Many patients who have darker colored skin or who tan easily should consider treating skin discoloration or skin growth problems during the winter when ultraviolet rays are weaker. Any inflammation of the skin after laser procedures, chemical peels, and procedures that cause redness can cause prolonged darkening of the treated areas when exposed to intense sunlight. Winter sunlight is much weaker and most of us tend to cover our skin better in the winter. Therefore, winter is the best time to take care of many problems on the face and other exposed areas.

Winter skincare recommendations

Winter in the Northeast is dry and cold. When the heating is turned on, the indoor air becomes even dryer than the outdoor air. Often, the humidity level approaches that of a desert. The moisture in the skin evaporates much faster than in any other season resulting in dry skin. Excessively dry skin can becomes itchy, red, and gets infected easily.
To prevent developing dry skin in the winter, our providers recommend the following steps.
1. Take short showers,
with lukewarm water, and limit to no more than once a day.
2. Use mild soaps that contain moisturizer or non-soap cleansers. (Dove®, Cetaphil®, CeraVe®, Aveeno®, etc.)
3. Apply a moisturizing cream to the skin immediately after washing to lock in the moisture. (Eucerin®, Cetaphil®, Aveeno®, CeraVe®, Aquaphor®, etc.)
4. Use a humidifier to maintain the moisture level above 50%.
If you develop itchy skin despite following the above steps, consider consulting our skin specialists.

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